Storm Legion: Harbinger Mage Soul

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Did you ever find yourself wondering why you leveled a mage from 1 – 50? With the numerous updates making it harder and harder on rift mages, its easy to find yourself asking that question. Today, perhaps, your question will be answered. Trion recently announced the release for “Storm Legion,” the first expansion for rift. With the release of this new expansion, four new souls are said to be added. That leaves you wondering, what will they be? Since there are 4 main classes it’s not too far of a stretch to say that each main class will be given a new soul to play around with. Today we’re getting a nice look at the new soul for mages. The new mage soul in rift will be known as the “Harbinger.”

Details about the Harbinger Mage Soul

In the video below you get a nice look into what the Harbinger Soul is capable of. From watching this video and reading a few posts and articles, its easy to see that the new mage harbinger soul is set to be a melee dps build. Upon the arrival of storm legion, you’ll be able to reset your mage souls and give it a test. This might just be what you mages have been waiting for! Mages typically have high DPS but always get bullied around because they can’t take a hit. Not anymore! This new soul is said to give you numerous defense increases so you can actually withstand a few hits while dishing out some serious melee DPS.

Rift Mage Soul: Harbinger Video with the Devs

Harbinger mages will summon weapons from air and life energy to be used in close ranged melee combat.

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